Production Line 2

Technical Specification


Size of cigarette: King size
Kind of cigarette: Producing Light and full flavor cigarettes
Total Length: 84 mm
Filter length: 27 mm
Cigarette Diameter: 7.85 mm
Filter Diameter: 7.79 mm
Perforation: On-Line Laser Perforation, single – double row
Ventilation: up to 65%
Packing: packing is Round Corner
Nominal speed:


5000 cig/min (actual production around 1.8 Billion cigarette sticks per annum)
Combination Efficiency: over 85%


This production line has the capability to get more Technical Specifications from Combination if we change and add some kits on it to manufacture cigarette with the following parameters:

Ø  Filter Plug Length:       60 120 ±0.5mm

Ø  Tobacco rod length:    55 90 mm

Ø  Filter Length:              10 30 ±0.5mm

Ø  Cigarette Diameter:    φ 5.4 φ 9.0 mm     


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